Friday, May 30, 2008

Tibet - Towards a Solution

Here is my proposal for a "win win" situation in Tibet:

Given that most of the people of China want a strong connection with Tibet and Tibet wants and needs a strong connection with China:

* China grants greater autonomy to Tibet in a relationship that is modelled after Hong Kong and respects Buddhist traditions and the right for people.

* Tibetans agree to work with China to make this relationship beneficial to all.

* China continues to build on the region's infrastructure, including the Pan Himalayan Railway.

* Tibetans embrace tourism as their primary agent of economic development, recognizing that the cultural and religious history of the region is a very powerful theme for travel marketing and a dramatic increase in regional tourism.

* China agrees that the region will be the key beneficiary of the tourism boom that will come from regional stability and national promotion of the wonders of Tibet.

* Tibetans will share their cultural and religious traditions as much as is culturally comfortable for them. The region can become another jewel in China's tourism crown as the country prepares to become one of the world's top travel destinations.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pictures from the Pan Himalayan

This site has some amazing pictures of the Pan Himalayan route:

China and Tibet's ongoing conflict led to the closure of the railroad during much of my trip to China last month, though I was not planning to take the train on this trip anyway. I did ride from Hong Kong to Shanghai on the overnight train with sleeper and then Shanghai to Beijing on the speedy train. Both were very clean and the trip very interesting although a bit long given the lack of much natural scenery.